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Treant Miniature - 3d printed Tabletop

Treant Miniature - 3d printed Tabletop
Treant Miniature - 3d printed Tabletop
Only 2 available

Treants are trees that have gained sentience. While motionless, they are indistinguishable from normal trees. Treants can move about the forest, converse, and use magic to animate other trees in the forest. They are powerful forces for good, but rarely act. 

  • This miniature is 3d printed.
  • It is available unpainted, primed, and painted.
  • Unpainted miniatures are gray. 
  • Primed miniatures are primed with gray Badger Stynylrez, the best primer available which preserves detail. A few other options are available, message if interested.
  • Painted miniatures are painted with an appropriate color scheme for the model using high quality paints, basing compounds, and accessories. If you want something specific message us and we will try to accommodate.
  • Measures 124mm L x 82mm W x 76mm H
  • Design by mz4250

Treants stout limbs are particularly effective against walls and fortified structures. Enraged groups of treants are more than capable of storming castles and mounting a siege. However, they are vulnerable to fire.